MidLife Rollers OPEN MAT at Revolution Dojo – Katy,TX

MidLife Rollers FREE Open Mat is coming November 2nd at Revolution Dojo in Katy, TX! Open To All Schools! 40 and Up, Men and Women, Gi and NoGi! ClutchTownCoffee will be there with Free Samples of the good stuff! “You’re Never Too Old To Roll” #midliferollers #MLR #revolutiondojo #CluchTownCoffee #oldmanjiujitsu #40pluswomen #yournevertoooldtoroll

Show up early to sign the wavier.

Welcome Everyone!!!

We stop the action to take a group photo and award the most "Golden" roller with a free T-shirt!!!

End of Open Mat :( - THANK YOU!! Until Next Time!

MIDLIFE ROLLERS is community for Jiu Jitsu Practitioners of all belt levels, Male and Female, ages 40 and above. We host Free Open Mats to provide an opportunity for like-minded folks to discuss some of the same things their working through, all while getting choked!
"You're Never Too Old to Roll" - MIDLIFE ROLLERS

At Revolution Dojo we teach in a more relaxed and less rigid atmosphere than traditional Martial Arts. Nevertheless, in order to maintain a positive environment that is both conducive to learning and welcoming to potential students, we require our students, parents, and staff to adhere to the following Dojo Etiquette guidelines.

General Guidelines:

• Upon arrival, greet and shake hands of every member starting with highest ranking instructor/student.
• Always show respect to your instructors and training partners.
• Do not seek to harm fellow students physically or emotionally.
• Make space for the higher belt and more experienced fighters.
• Always wear a clean GI and maintain good hygiene.
• Shower and brush your teeth regularly.
• Keep finger and toe nails short and clean.
• Bring a rash guard or T-shirt for No-Gi classes.
• Put your shoes on immediately after leaving the mat area and keep shoes off the mat.
• Do not use profanity in the dojo.
• Do not show up late.
• Ask permission to enter the mat if you are late.
• Do not talk while the instructor is talking.
• Address coaches as Professor, Sensei, or Coach.
• ALL students must utilize an antibacterial product for post training hygiene to minimize the spread of skin infections (you may purchase from Revolution or not)

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